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We are a startup, so right now our pricing is low!  Get in before pricing increases!

Sponsor a Video

Drink recipes typically have more than one ingredient.  Why not get your brand noticed by sponsoring your particular ingredient?  Watch the video below to see Rob making a Long Island Iced Tea with many sponsored products. The brands in this video are fictitious, but this is a great example of just how you can expect your brand to be featured when you sponsor an ingredient.

Don’t want to share the spotlight with any other brands? You can sponsor an entire drink video! Watch the video below to see Rob make a Long Island Iced Tea in a video sponsored by Cold War Vodka.  Again, the brands in this video are fictitious, but we wanted you to get a good idea of just what to expect if you sponsor an entire video.

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Sponsor an Ingredient

Our website has many different recipes.  Want your brand to show every time a particular ingredient is listed?  Sponsor an ingredient! Your brand will appear by the sponsored ingredient for the specified period of time across the entire website.  As you can see with this image below, these ingredients are NOT sponsored on our site.

Now, we have four different ingredients being sponsored, as you can see from this image below!

Those same ingredients are sponsored across our entire website.  Look at the image below, which is of a different recipe. You can see some of the same ingredients also show the sponsor’s names.

It’s definitely worth sponsoring an ingredient, since your brand name will be visible for every instance of that ingredient on our site.  Please note that we will only allow sponsorships that make sense.  We can’t have Audi sponsoring eggs, can we? (But Audi can certainly advertise on our site in other ways!)

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Advertise on Liqr.com

It’s plain to see, we have ads running across our website.  Would you like to be listed in one of the ad spots?

We have two ad spaces on our home page, which will be seen by the most people.  It’s prime real estate!  First, we have a banner ad that displays between the drinks.

And second we have ad space in the gray sidebar on the right side of the page, as seen below.

There is also ad space on our recipe page.  This ad block will follow the user as they scroll down the page, making sure it is always in view while they are looking at the recipe.

We also have a separate ad space in the comments section for the recipes.  More chances to show off your brands and products!

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