Hello there! We’re glad you’re here.  If you’ve found your way to this particular webpage, it means you’ve won!

(What did I win?!)

You get to be a part of our focus group for High Spirits!

(What’s High Spirits?)

High Spirits is a television show we are creating. What you’re about to watch is a portion of our pilot episode, but we need your help.  We want you to please take some of your precious, valuable time to watch this video and then answer our questionnaire below.

(What do I get out of this?!)

Good question.  While you’re going to have some laughs, we’d like to entice you with the promise of a party.  When our TV show is ready to premiere, we are going to do an open-bar launch party at Prohibition Bar in Greensboro, NC!

There are some ground rules, however… First of all, you must be 21+ to come party with us.  Secondly, we have to limit the number of guests we can invite to the party, so be sure to go ahead and get on the list before spaces run out!  Third, the party is ONLY going to be in Greensboro, so you must come to us – the party can’t come to you.  And lastly, please plan to drink responsibly.  If that means getting a hotel room in the area, an Uber, or having a designated driver, then all is good.

Alright, let’s get this show on the road!   We greatly appreciate your time and attention and love you forever and a day. Wait, that might just be the alcohol talking… sorry.


Wellllll, what did you think!? We’d love your feedback on the show but first — please do us another favor.  The videos below are not ours (obviously) but we wanted to start a discussion with you, or to at least get you to think about these videos in relation to our show.

This is an example of one of the sketch comedy segments that we plan on doing.
Tastings and educational pieces for spirits, beer and wine as well as distillery/brewery/winery tours.  We want to tie in the comradery of multiple hosts as well.
Continuing with the comradery and banter of the hosts, we want to explore myths and tips.
…and have fun builds with items such as this, trebuchets for launching watermelons, and other things that could be interesting while the comradery and banter of the hosts is going on (while potentially drinking).
Another show that has great banter and comradery.

On a side note, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May were the hosts of the famous Top Gear show in the UK.  Jeremy was fired for punching an executive at the BBC and the other two quit… the three were then offered a show by Amazon called “The Grand Tour”.

Supercar Blondie is funded by the Grand Tour.  We’ll have to see where they plan on taking this.  But does a female add to a show?
Julia Louis-Dreyfus was selected to be on Seinfeld because NBC felt they needed a female character.  The same was true of the Big Bang Theory and many other shows.  Do you think a female host would add to the show.

Please fill out our questionnaire below. We want your honest feedback so we can make this an awesome television show.  Don’t hold back, we’ve got thick skin so if you don’t like something, tell us.  Remember to give us your email address so we can invite you to the launch party for the premiere episode!